19 Desember 2011

My First Tag

Hello All

I'm gonna use English in this post, because today i got tag from Lessya. Thanks for your tag, Lessya ^^ it is my first tag

11 things about me:
1. Always listening to classical music.
2. Love to read classic novel
3. Playing violin and keyboard
4. Always sit in front of a computer -__-a
5. My favourite food is bread and lasagna
6. My favourite drink is milk
7. I have 4 best friends: Miftah, Muthia, Teges and Embe
8. I love Bishounen in Anime and Game >.<
9. My new hobby is RP-ing
10. Love Indonesia and Japan
11. Dandere. Maybe?

Questions from Lessya:

1. Your most favourite subject?
2. Why are you blogging?
3. Had a broken heart coz a boy?
4. You think, Who is an Amazing blogger?
5. Your best friend's name at school?
6. What are you thinking right now?
7. What did you think about everyday?
8. What do you want to be?
9. Your idol?
10. Your bloggers friends?
11. People who inspired your life?

My answers:
~ I don't know ._.
~ Because.. I just wanna share my daily life to the readers.
~ I don't know ._.
~ All my friends in blogger + Learn This Life, With Love
~ Miftah, Muthia, Teges and Embe 
~When all my best friends yelled at bajaj's driver like "Stop bang! stop bang !! stop!! SUTOPPU SUTOPPU!!"
~Yea.. all i need is only you. Everytime I thingking of you.. *Etto.. Yuya Matsushita's song hehe* Negai ga kanau nara -Yuya Matsushita.
~ Just wanna be Myself
~ YUI, Shida Mirai and Kanata Hongo
~ Just chek in my blog if you want to know haha.
~ My Mom 

And now i want tag to: Miftah, Muthia, Teges

My questions:

1. Your most favourite place?
2. Do you have a pet?
3. Your pet's name?
4. What do you do in your spare time?
5. What is your true name?
6. Reading or writing?
7. Do you have a siblings?
8. How many siblings do you have?
9. What are things you hate most?
10. What is your favourite song?
11. Is there anyone that you hate?

fyuuh :) sorry for my bad english >A<

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